Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

Billy vs. Victor: Billy is still pissed that Colleen's heart was given to Victor, and to show how mad he is, he creates an exposé on him! He starts to write all the dirty deeds The Black Knight did with Patty and how CC ended up dying in the process. Jack pops in at the magazine to see how little brother is doing and ends up being roped in on the article!


Billy knows that the one person who has history with Victor and won't sugar coat anything  is old Smilin' Jack.  Jack wants to reveal the S.E.C. scandal Newman is facing, while Billy wants to blast Victor for causing their beloved niece's death.

Mac is ticked when she gets wind of the piece, while Chloe is all gung-ho. Ashley, however is appalled by Billy's actions. Later, Nick gets word about the story and decides to tip his father off.

Adam/Sharon: Adam tells her about sleeping with Rafe, prompting Sharon to open up about her past.

Jana: She finds out a secret Ryder's keeping

Ryder: He daydreams about his past with sister Daisy.

JT: He kicks Deacon's tail for sleeping with Victoria.