General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



I loved the Jason/Spinelli scene. Jason was so angry and frustrated that he can’t pin this thing on Claudia and Spinelli was sticking to his guns that he won’t do anything to frame her, even though that’s probably what Jason would want. You know Spinelli’s serious when he uses someone’s real name rather than the Spin version of it. Well acted on both Bradford and Steve’s parts.

Good JaSam/Scrubs interaction the past few days. Nice to see characters who don’t normally interact get a chance to have scenes together. And it made sense. It wasn’t just some random thing.

Line of the day:

Robin to Patrick:
“Is it our jobs to protect Claudia?”

You know, I’ve been saying that about Jax and Olivia for months. Jax’ excuse, not to stress out Carly, has never rung true for me.

I love Kate, but I hate that they’re only using her for the Olivia/Dante story. She could do much more than that. Every day that we see her is basically the same: go to Olivia’s and tell her she should tell the Dante secret. It’s almost as tedious as seeing Olivia go to Dante every day and tell him he should leave town. Although a Coleman/Kate hook up might be worth the aggravation.

Good Dante/Kristina scene, with her asking about guys running out after sex and him telling her that the good guys don’t. The follow up Michael/Kristina scene was also well done.

Line of the day #2:

Michael to Kristina:
“Would you rather have grown up distant from our father, or taken a bullet for him?”

The last few days of Sonny/Claudia have been very tedious for me. They show up to meet with the others, without bodyguards. She has his back with the gun (seriously Sonny, you’ve got a girl protecting you and doing your dirty work). They’re getting closer. It’s her birthday in a few days and he wants to throw her a party, so everyone can see what she’s beginning to mean to him. All of it was blah, blah, blah to me, until Friday’s cliffhanger. First, Michael remembered Jerry saying it was Claudia’s fault and then Jason finally found the CD. So I guess what I forced myself to sit through with ClauSon was foreshadowing and now that the secret is finally out, we can get this “Claudia ordered the hit” party underway.

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a couple of days. Real life getting in the way of reel life, and all that!