Jillian's B&B Spoilers




She may have trouble on the home front due to her job. Eric is a bit leery of the entire thing.

Steffy: She pitches a clothing line idea, which sparks Bill's interest. The family are all for the line and Steffy ends up being the publicist, courtesy of Dollar Bill. Later, the two realize they have the same interests...

Whip: The PR ace drums up a new campaign for Jackie M. Jones thinks this time around it will crush Forrester Creations.

Justin: He finds a way to spend more time with Donna. He cajoles her to put her foot down with Eric, who wants her to give up her new job. Later, he comes clean with something he's been keeping to himself.

Eric/Ridge: Father and son nix attending Katie's first meeting at FC after taking over as the new CEO. Ridge starts to come around to working for the new regime of Spencer Publications.

Bridget: She gets word that she won't be able to have kids, which prompts Bridget and Nick to go to a surrogacy agency for help. They meet with Sandy, who's happy to help out.