General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


For someone like me, who isn’t a fan of Sonny’s, today’s show was just too full of him for my liking. I know they’re setting up the Claudia party, which will likely turn into either Claudia’s death or her disappearance, but sheesh, there’s only so much of Claudia and Sonny congratulating themselves on their wonderfulness that I can take. Also, don’t tease me with turbulence just to have them survive.

I did like that Carly was going all-out with this party, determined to make Sonny pay through the nose. Girl’s got to get her jollies somewhere.

Those Falconeri women need to learn to spit out their secrets rather than beating around the bush until they’re shushed. I actually wanted to see what would happen if Kate told Dante about Sonny.

I love how naïve Kristina is. “Oh we’ll tell daddy and he’ll go to the police”. Come on. That girl is smarter than that. She knows what dad does, and how many times he’s gotten away with stuff. Sonny wouldn’t go to the police if he was on fire, much less when he finds out who shot Michael.

I loved the Alexis/Kristina scene, once scuzzy Kiefer left. And I can still see why Alexis’ radar doesn’t go off with the kid. He’s very good at charming her and pulling the wool over her eyes.

I liked that Jason apologized to Spinelli for yelling at him. I liked that Sam was trying to talk some sense into Jason, even though it’s clear to everyone what Jason will do, no matter what Sonny tells him.

I still love my Scrubs and I understood the dilemma over who to tell or not to tell. Claudia is evil, but does she deserve to die at the hands of Jason for this crime?

The Johnny/Dante scene was rather a strange and random thing, and I kept trying to read between the lines to see what the foreshadowing was. With Michael showing up to warn Johnny that he has his memories back, it makes me think that Johnny will be instrumental in whatever happens to Claudia. Everyone will assume it was Jason, when in fact, it will turn out to be Johnny.