Should Brady and Arianna End Up Together?

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Everyone's favorite hourglass executive producer is out giving interviews again. So you know what that means! Yep – more annoying comments that just make you cringe.


In the latest Soap Opera Digest, Ken Corday says he doesn't believe that Brady and Arianna will end up together in the end.

I am a big fan of Passions, and I don't think it is a far leap to believe that  Lindsay Hartley was pretty much brought on to bring in the big Theresa/Ethan following. So to hear Ken say that he doesn't believe they are the 'endgame' really bothers me, maybe  because I am a big E/T fanboy, but if I was tricked into watching this show for an E/T reunion and all they are going to do is wreck it, then I am not a happy camper!

So I have to pose this question.

Do you think Arianna is Brady's endgame?