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ATWT's Forbes March: "Nuke is About as Gay as Bill Cosby!"

Forbes Marchhas given a hilarious, revealing exit interview to TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco, where he talked about not only his time as Mason, the boring Nuke interloper, on As The World Turns, but also his turns on One Life to Live as the most awesomest character ever, Nash Brennan (A curse on you Ron Carlivati for killing my and Tessica's Nash. May your Dynasty Season Two disc melt in your DVD player!), and as Scott on All My Free Time Since I Stopped Watching Chuck Pratt's Televised Nightmare. He also dishes his gig in the upcoming Degrassi TV movie. Check out what he says about the difficulties of telling a gay story on ATWT. Someone must be angling for some free Jello Pudding Pops!


TVG: Telenext/P&G is infamous for pussyfooting around their gay storyline — was that frustrating as an actor?

FM: Yeah, it was odd. Their gay characters aren’t very gay! [Laughs]. If someone turned on the soap for the first time, I think it would take them a while to figure out Mason was gay. Let’s face it — Luke and Noah are two J. Crew guys, two of the nicest and most wholesome gay boys you’ll ever meet. World Turns needs someone like American Idol’s Adam Lambert. Because I was completely taken with Adam, I went into my World Turns’ audition with black leather pants, rock-star jewelry and snakeskin boots! I pulled all of that out for the audition to give them ideas. The looks on their faces? A resounding, “Nooo!” Mason is supposed to be a gay indie moviemaker but they ended up dressing him like freakin’ Indiana Jones! Nuke is about as gay as Bill Cosby! [Laughs] Throw a wrench in there, people. World Turns needs an extroverted, effeminate gay man on that show. Give Mason eyeshadow! But they didn’t like that. The only input they accepted from me was Mason’s endless scarf collection.

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