General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


He’s baaack!!! As much as I liked Greg Vaughan and was disappointed in his firing, I will admit that when Elizabeth opened the door and Jonathan Jackson was standing there, I squealed like a little girl!!!

JJ still has some chemistry with Rebecca Herbst, although I kept trying to picture all the scenes with GV in the role. I still think he looks too young, but I’m reserving judgment for now.

On the other hand, I’m not happy that Liz ran out on Lucky to go and mack out on Nikolas. And just as I was thinking, "why are they doing it out in the open for anyone to see?" along comes Luke. The question is, will Luke tell Lucky the truth or keep it to himself?

I loved all the Lulu/Dante stuff, including that she overheard and knows he’s a cop, even though I’m sure she’ll have forgotten it all by morning. I loved that he was trying so hard to get her to forget what she heard and that he took care of her. Loved that in her truth telling loopiness that she admitted that she has the hots for him (because, who wouldn’t?!). I’m glad that the writers are taking their time with these two, and I hope she doesn’t go postal on him when she finds out he really is a cop.

I liked that Jason gave Johnny a heads up. I wasn’t thrilled with Sam being as bloodthirsty as she appears to be. I was expecting Michael to show up at Jason’s to tell him the truth.