Jillian's Y&R Spoilers


Jill: She has Paul investigate something for her.


Lily: She stuns Neil with her announcement.

Phyllis: She has a chat with Patty and puts her on notice.

Michael: He gets the goods on Ryder and his alibi.

Ashley: She puts her covert plan into action.

Billy/Chloe/Chance: The good citizens of Genoa City want to tar and feather Billy for his expose on Victoria's tryst with Deacon. Mac is dismayed by his actions. However, fellow black sheep Chloe sticks up for him. After the chaos, Billy heads to Colleen's grave and falls apart.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Chance start to get a bit closer, but he shuts her down. The fashionista is oblivious to the fact that her lingering feelings for Billy are really hurting Det. Chancellor. Billy shows up at the Chancellor's and looks to his ex for comfort. At first, Chloe lends a shoulder for him to lean on, but tells him she's not trying to be runner-up for him. As she's telling him to leave, Billy plants a kiss on her! Meanwhile, Chance comes downstairs, spies the duo smooching and makes a fast exit undetected. Chloe breaks away from the kiss and tells him firmly they can only be friends. It dawns on her that she needs to move forward in her life and she finally confesses her feelings for Chance.

Adam/Sharon/Nick: When the Newman family heads out for trick-or-treating, they swing by Sharon's place and see Adam assisting her with handing out candy. Nick tries to play off his anger over seeing his sneaky little brother with his ex-wife, and inquires about him being there. Adam deflects the third degree he's getting and when Nick spies Sharon and Adam having wine together by the fireplace, he becomes unnerved. His mood doesn't go unnoticed by Phyllis and the two leave Sharon's.

Big Red busts Nick on his displeasure over seeing his ex and brother spending time together, but he downplays the entire thing. Red even goes so far as to cajole Nick into talking about his feelings for Sharon. He admits that the two being together is uncomfortable for him and Phyllis shares her thoughts about Adam not being sincere in his friendship with Sharon. She lets Adam know she's got his number. Meanwhile, Nick has a talk with Sharon, trying to get to the bottom her newfound friendship with Adam, and warns her to be careful of him.

She shoots back that he doesn't have the right to say who she can be friends with. Later, Nick warns him to back off Sharon and Adam reminds him to worry about Phyllis instead. Nick acts like his father's son by sending Adam out of town on a business trip. He is needed for the trip due to his experience, but Adam's also shipped off as a way to keep Sharon out of his clutches and to reevaluate her budding friendship with him.