Jonathan Jackson: "Great Intense Material" To Come


On Air On Soaps' Michael Fairman chatted with Jonathan Jackson on what viewers should expect to see with his return as Lucky Spencer.   


MICHAEL:I mean, you wouldn’t be back if there was not a major emotional story for Lucky?

JONATHAN: Oh, yeah! There is going to be great intense material. I don’t know long term, but I do know what the audience knows in terms of Elizabeth and Nikolas. There are only certain limited places they can go, and that will get intense at some point. I look at that as a set- up, where it can go anywhere… and the relationship between Lucky and Luke. Tony and I have had some great scenes that feel like re-establishing something. Again, I did not watch the other versions of Lucky, but for me it’s picking up where I left off ten years ago, but now as an adult. There is a lot of interesting chemistry going on there. Then there is Ethan. I have only had some group scenes with him, and there is a lot of potential for story there…and again, with him being a con man and Lucky being a detective. Lucky is Luke’s son, so he has a dangerous side to him that could potentially take him either way, when it comes to that stuff.

Sounds like Ethan better watch out..

Photo by PR Photos