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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

I’m finally getting back into my normal routine and it feels pretty darn good to say that I’ve watched GH all week! I know it’s not like I split the atom or anything but with GH being pretty good and me back into the swing of things (mostly) it’s HUGE in my world.

Can you believe it… I’m enjoying General Hospital. Prior to my “leave of absence” I had been pretty down on the Port Chuckles crew but lately it’s been great. Yesterday’s episode must have broken the bank with the everyone who got a little face time. What has me back on the GH bandwagon? Dante! I’m a little scared that they’re using him a tad bit too much but the scenes with Lulu have been awesome and Zamprogna himself is quite impressive. GH has one thing down pat, fantastic casting.


Has any character’s demise had as much anticipation as Claudia’s? We all love Sarah Brown and she has really been knocking it out of the park in her final episodes. While I’m sad to see Brown exit, Claudia has never been a favorite of mine and I blame that all on her horrible introduction. Yep, for the last almost two years, I’ve hated the character all due to her introduction.

Will Sonny be holding a smoking gun as Claudia exits? Nope! But his kid will. Will Sonny need Alexis’s assistance? It looks like she comes to his aid by getting Jason out of the slammer. Is Carly going to hold a grudge against her hubby for what he’s known for a very long time? Would you if you were Carly? What about Michael? Will he take out the woman who took him out for a year? Where will that leave Johnny Z? Very OLD RUMORS have said there would be only one Z left on the screen and we know it’s not Claudia. Will Johnny want to be a part of the Corinthos organization after Claudia’s exit? RUMORS say Dominic will have Johnny thinking they are a team to take Sonny out when really he’s just using Johnny to help him take Sonny down. Here’s the thing though… we all know, no one ever takes Sonny down. As I mentioned above, I really like Dominic but better men have tried and they have failed, miserably. Never mind the fact that once Dominic’s true identity is revealed do we really think he’s still going to go after dear old dad? Most likely he’ll be pulled off that case faster than Sonny can say ‘Dante I am your father.’ I’m still holding out hope for a Lucky-Dominic partnership on the PCPD. Sonny and Luke’s son on the right side of the law, together.

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Once it is revealed that Dominic is Dante who is Sonny’s son… what would you like to see happen? As the undercover cop trying to gain the Mob Boss’s trust, the relationship between father and son has been good. What happens when Dante learns he’s taking his own dad down? Will Sonny find out that his son is an undercover cop sent to take him down from the inside in? Will Dante’s profession be another secret that takes months to come out?

Jonathan Jackson’s return and my girl Liz… I have been a HUGE fan of Elizabeth’s since the little hellion hit Port Charles. I loved Liz and Lucky’s love story, some of the best acting and writing on GH. Am I liking his return? The million dollar question. I like seeing his face. I like the gentle nods to the history the characters share. I love seeing JJ and Tony Geary in scenes together and even counted the seconds until Luke called Lucky cowboy. I know JJ has his way of playing the character and I’m not complaining, I just hope there is a little more adjustment to how the character of Lucky has changed since he last played him. I think we’ll see more of that with the brother vs. brother storyline. Luke is going to tell Nikolas he saw him in a lip lock with his brother’s fiancé and while I can’t wait to see JJ and Tyler Christopher dueling it out on screen – Remember when they hated each other? Good stuff! – I’m not sure I’m on board for this Elizabeth is a floozy storyline. RUMOR has she’ll be sleeping with both brothers. She may have held Lucky off the other day but it SHOULD be only a matter of time before she beds Nikolas and then when she gets mad at the Prince, she’s RUMORED to bed Lucky. Will she hit it with Nikolas after that? Yep! I know what you’re all thinking… another Who’s the Daddy is headed our way. The GOSSIP mill says no, not happening.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Carly’s missing thanks to the Claw. Will Michael take out Claudia so Carly stays safe? Michael offs his step mom when it looks like baby girl Jax just might be snatched. Claudia is going a little nutso at the end. Who’s watching Jason? Is Michael going stone cold? Are we liking the Kiefer is an abusive ass storyline? Krissy is covering for the jerk. Will Carly toss Jax out? Is Jax hoping that Sonny goes down for a murder he didn’t commit? Lulu remembers Dominic’s secret as she stuck in some cold water. Will she tell who Dominic really is? Johnny and Dominic team up to save Lulu. It’s not Scrubs coming out of a closet at GH. Did Jason do the right thing? What does Maxie happen to spy?