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Jillian's B&B Spoilers

Bill/Steffy: She kisses him (WTF?)! Still affected by the kiss, Steffy has Bill meet her at the Big Bear cabin to rehash her actions. He's able to convince her not to feel guilty about the entire thing. Meanwhile, when he's about to marry Katie, Bill starts to have thoughts about things that they share.


Nick/Bridget: He promises his wife they will have a child, prompting Bridget to check into surrogacy. She meets with Sandy, who is cavalier about the entire process.

Pam: She becomes a hit after her stint on The Catwalk and is given a job.

Karen: She hits town to attend her brother's wedding.

Bill: His next move has some serious consequences.

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November Sweeps

Justin/Donna: Donna is less than thrilled to know Pam is her new co-host. Meanwhile, she fantasizes about having a life with Justin and Marcus. Justin becomes hell bent on rekindling their romance.

Taylor/Steffy: Mother and daughter hit the internet for men. They are shocked to find Steffy's match is someone they know, while Taylor has a hilarious, yet romantic journey with her online dating.

Nick/Bridget: The Marones set out to start their family and Sandy Sommers is the perfect match for them. Look for her to be linked to someone in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Whip gets some dirt on Sandy that she's trying to keep hidden (good one Brad!).

Bill/Katie: As Katie gears up for her wedding, her family's conflict with him, along with someone else, endangers them.

Forrester Creations/Jackie M: Watch for new ad campaigns to come about as a new fashion show face-off emerges. Steffy's starting to make her mark in the fashion world, but will her unruly passion towards Bill jeopardize things?