General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Well, as a follow up from yesterday, there were certainly some very good soapy moments, but there were also a couple of bad moments and some wacky plot points.

I loved the look of shock and almost betrayal on Carly’s face when Sonny was making the announcement that the shooting was Claudia’s (and Jerry’s) fault. Laura Wright can be very expressive with her just her face.

Loved that Johnny came to Claudia’s defense and took the blame, even though Sonny didn’t believe him.

Loved that Claudia fought hard to defend herself, despite knowing she was in trouble.

Claudia to Sonny: “You let your kids run wild. It was your fault your son was in that warehouse that night.”

Loved Dante calming Michael down and Dante’s overall calmness.

Loved Kristina seeing the light when it comes to her father and Sonny overhearing her call him a monster.

Loved Robin admitting that Sonny is not a good man, despite her being friends with him.

Robin to Patrick: “I’m sick of the violence in this town and Sonny’s always in the middle of it.”

I didn’t like MB’s moments of over-acting. For the most part, he was doing a decent job, but there were a couple of moments, when he was calling Claudia out, when he was going a little overboard. He’s better when he reins it in a little.

Didn’t like that no one took out Claudia before she had a chance to get to Carly. When she first pulled out the gun, Jason was just as quick on the draw, and had a clear shot, yet he didn’t take it and he let her walk across the room and grab Carly, who just stood there and let herself be taken.

Crazy plot point of the day: Everyone’s been told to stay in the restaurant until the police are finished questioning them, but Sam and Michael come into the lobby, just as Jax makes an ass of himself.

Jax: “I’m not going to let my wife and child die just because Michael got shot.”

Carly had a scarf around her neck. I kept wondering why she didn’t try to strangle Claudia with it when Claudia got in the car. Claudia got in, put the gun down on the seat and there was a moment where Carly would have had the upper hand.

And as far as Friday cliffhangers go, it was only a meh in my books, mostly because we all know neither Claudia nor Carly will die in that accident.