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Judith Chapman in The Night of the Iguana

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The Young and the Restless star Judith Chapman visited with We Love Soaps'Damon Jacobs about her upcoming play The Night of the Iguana in the first of a two-part interview.


We Love Soaps: Looking back on the roles you’ve played in soaps, as well as the character of Maxine in "Night Of the Iguana," you seem to typically play strong women who march to the beat of their own tune, who live life on their own terms. Would you say that describes you as well?

Judith Chapman: Me personally? Absolutely. I really do. I’m not as brazen and brave as some of the characters I’ve played. Maybe the older I get I’m embracing it. But I’m so grateful because I had parents who said, “You want to do this? Okay, go for it.” I was never told, “You can’t.” I had a father and a mother who had very high expectations. My father just passed away, I gave the eulogy. One of the things I said was that, “My father gave each of us the strength, the freedom, and the courage to pursue our own dreams.” No matter what those were, he always said, “Carry on.” Those are the words I’ve chosen to live by. Carry on. My mother also said, “It’s not what you regret doing at the end of your life, it’s what you regret not doing.” Don’t look back with regret because someone says you couldn’t. Or because someone says [in a high voice], “I don’t think you should do that.” And you listen to them? [To miss] golden opportunities? I’ve had that philosophy all of my life.

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