General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Ah Sonny, always the horrible human being (I cleaned up the language, since that’s really not what I wanted to call him). Using the guilt of Alexis covering for Kristina to get her to do her lawyer stuff to get Jason out so he can go and kill Claudia. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. And why exactly can’t he look for Carly himself? And then showing up at Jax’ house, insisting on taking the boys, who were perfectly fine where they were.

I hated that Alexis managed to get Jason out on what amounted to, “you didn’t see him pull a gun on a room full of people so you have to let him go”. Didn’t the room full of people all give their statements indicating just that very thing? Including her?

I loved the rest of the Davis women stuff though. I Loved the Kristina/Molly scene and the Alexis/Kristina scene. Let’s hope this gets Kristina to stop being the sucky teenager she’s been lately.

I hate that Lucky was actually thinking about letting Jason go. I get that Claudia is evil and she grabbed a pregnant woman, but why is it suddenly okay with everyone if Jason executes her?

Did the storm knock out all of the cell phone systems? Sam has to drive all the way back to the penthouse only to find out that Lulu and Dante were headed in the same direction she was. Why couldn’t Spinelli call her and tell her she was going the wrong way and which way to go instead?

What exactly did Lulu fall into? I thought they were all in the old Zachara house, so how could there be a pool of water in there?

Hey Olivia, why don’t you shout your secrets at the top of your lungs in the middle of the living room where Michael and Morgan can hear you. It really is a miracle that Dante has remained undercover for as long as he has.

I love when soap people find perfectly abandoned, usable and fully stocked and functioning cabins in the middle of the woods, when they need it most.

I had to laugh when Claudia showed up at the door, all Jack Nicholson in The Shining like.