Legendary Claire Labine on Difference Between Writing an Established Soap and Creating "New Reality"

We Love Soaps' Damon Jacobs has posted Part One of a chat with one of the best writers to ever work in daytime television, Claire Labine. The award-winning scribe, who created Ryan's Hope and gave us BJ and Maxie's heart transplant drama and Robin's HIV diagnosis on General Hospital, explained to Jacobs the difference between coming in to helm an already established soap and creating your own.


Claire Labine: (continued) There are two different disciplines, writing for an established show and creating a new reality. When you go into a show already established you have to try to respect the creator’s concepts for these characters and the basic relationships within the show and you really only have freedom to create characters when you bring in someone new to interact with the established folks. It is really hard, especially with a show that’s been on the air a long time, to capture the essence of the character as presented, so you’re not totally betraying the audience. And you have to make the established characters behave in a way that is familiar to the audience in an emotional situation with a new character. So you have to design a new character who can emotionally relate to established characters. It’s really very difficult to do.

Once again Jacobs has outdone himself!