Monday's One Life to Live: Soap Done Good


There are very few times anymore in which one episode of a soap opera makes me realize why I truly still love this genre. Monday's episode of One Life to Live did just that.

Let's start off with the one-sided love triangle of Rachel (Daphne Duplaix), Shaun (Sean Ringgold), and Greg (Terrell Tilford). Shaun finally got back on his feet after taking a bullet for Starr and Hope, only to have his heart crushed by the woman he loves, who doesn't love him back.


Shaun didn't find out Rachel doesn't have feelings for him in a soapy way. He didn't find her in bed with his brother Greg or in a kiss with the doc, he was told straight up what was going on. Rachel was point blank, "I like you but I just don't have feelings for you." When was the last time a woman on soaps actually told a man how she was truly feeling about their relationship? I loved it.  Rachel never revealed to Shaun it is Greg who she truly has feelings for. What will happen when little brother Shaun finds out big brother Greg stole the woman he loves? The plot thickens.

Bo (Robert S. Woods) and Nora (Hillary B. Smith) have been dancing around their feelings for months. On Monday's episode they finally hashed things out. Face to face, almost touching foreheads,  Bo and Nora finally attempted to sort out their complicated feelings in a display of poignant intimacy. They weren't yelling or being hostile with one another,  just talking things out like old lovers would. Of course, in true soap fashion, Nora admitted her love for Bo and embarked on a passionate kiss just when David Vickers walked through the door!

Speaking of David (Tuc Watkins), I am truly enjoying the stories involving this character. One Life to Live is doing a great job utilizing Watkins' comedic genius by mixing him up with Destiny (Shenell Edmonds). The two characters play well off each. As I said on our Performer of the Week podcast, I love how Watkins can switch from being silly with Destiny, Bo, and Nora, to being completely serious when it comes to Dorian (Robin Strasser), the woman he loves, whom he had no choice but to watch marry another woman!

Last but certainly not least, the Kyle (Brett Claywell) and Fish (Scott Evans) saga came to a head on this episode. After months of waiting for both halves of Kish to admit their feelings at the same time, it finally happened on Monday. When Nick told Kyle he loved him, it was the slap in the face Kyle needed to realize he still loved Fish. Sucks to be Nick!

My heart darn near stopped beating when Kyle stopped the mass wedding to proclaim his love for Fish. With a storyline of this magnitude, it was only fitting the first "I love you's" happened in a big way at a big event. Kish sharing a passionate kiss after Rev. Carpenter's speech about love (Which was done in such an innovative fashion, complete with a The Godfather-esque montage. Hey, I'm a film major you know I would notice that!) was the icing on this delicious, soapy cake.

Photo Credit
: Lou Rocco /ABC