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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Well, I wasn’t very happy with very much from this episode, so if you’re expecting puppy dogs and rainbows, you should stop reading now.

First off, Carly’s missing and neither Jax nor Sonny bother to go and look for her. Jax yells and screams about the storm, which is nothing but a little bit of rain. Heck, he’s gone out in worst conditions than that without his pregnant wife on the line.Sonny, spent another night explaining how everything is his fault, even though he plans to do nothing to change that, and sends his minions out, most of whom were apparently ineffective. In fact, if it hadn’t been for Spinelli and his computer, Jason wouldn’t have found Carly. Let’s have a pissing contest about who’s the better father while a crazy woman has the lady you both supposedly love, at gunpoint.

Michael, after spending months, MONTHS going on and on ad nauseum about how he doesn’t think, and his actions cause problems, didn’t learn his lesson and park his butt on the couch with Morgan. No, he heads off to find the women, and ends up killing Claudia. On top of that, she was holding the baby, when he swung the axe, so he could just as easily have hurt or killed the baby. Very reminiscent of when Sonny shot through Lorenzo and got Carly during Morgan’s birth. Neither Corinthos man thinks with the brains God gave them.

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Sonny shows up, and basically commends Michael for his actions. “You did good”. Really? The transition is complete. Micheal is now Sonny Junior.

How exactly is that cabin going to burn to the ground during a rainstorm??

Lulu/Dante: I never quite understood why Johnny and Dante couldn’t get her out of the hole she was in. Did I miss the part that said she was trapped? Then, apparently Johnny went to Canada to get help because he was gone half the night. Of course it was just a plot point to get these two closer together and for Lulu to remember who he really is. Which is fine, but I’m already annoyed with her pleas not to take down Sonny, the criminal. Oh, but he was married to her cousin and he’s friends with her dad. Puhleeze. Don’t make me hate Lulu after all the progress she’s made since breaking up with Johnny.

The only two good things I liked about the episode was Maxie (cute new hair!!), seeing Sonny arrive at his place with Micheal and seeing the blood on his shirt.

And, I liked that Carly told Jax the truth about Micheal being there and being the one to kill Claudia. Will Jax keep the lie to protect Micheal?