Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

Phyllis/Patty: Big Red walks in on Summer reading a letter (She can read letters now?) from Patty. When Phyllis finds out it's from Patty, she gets pissed and sets off for a showdown. Patty tries to tell her she wasn't mentally stable when she poisoned Summer, but Phyllis isn't trying to hear what Patty has to say.


Phyllis goes on the warpath, warning Patty to stay clear of her family. Dr. Emily walks in and tries to back up Patty's claim, but all she winds up doing is getting Big Red even more upset. Dr. Emily tosses Phyllis out of Patty's room, as Phyllis reiterates her statement for both lookalikes to stay clear of her family.

Chance/Chloe: The fashionista tries to explain her feelings to Det. Chancellor, but Phillip shows up and puts a damper on things at Crimson Lights. After they all leave, Chance walks into the middle of a robbery. He attempts to diffuse the situation, but winds up getting knifed! Chance is rushed to the hospital, and his loved ones are advised his spleen may be removed. Chloe finally breaks down, admitting to Kay she has feelings for Chance as Nina overhears. The family is told Chance will be okay. Chloe stays at his bedside, and admits her feelings, just as Chance wakes up!

Afterwards, Nina and Chloe have a run in. Mama Bear tries to scurry Chloe off, but the fashionista lets it be known she's going to be in Chance's life. Nina knows Chloe has real feelings for Chance, however she still doesn't want her son involved with the schemer. Chloe clears up her relationship with Billy for Nina, insisting she's over him. Chance takes a turn for the worse.

Phyllis: She receives a stunning revelation from Patty that may alter the course of things.

Lauren: At Daniel and Amber's wedding, she's presented with a gift.

Phillip: He may fly the coop from GC.