General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

If you follow me on Twitter, I’ve tweeted a couple episodes of General Hospital as well as some primetime shows. GH has been fantastic, so most of my tweets were positive although, you all know me by now ,and know that a little sarcasm must come out!


For example, when Michael and Sonny were returning to Greystone, I tweeted: Awwww... father-son convo on how it'll feel a few days after your first kill. When GH dropped the obvious ball and left Lulu in her wet clothes in the ER I asked: Shouldn't they take Lulu out of her wet clothes? I mean I’m no M.D., but I would think the first thing would be to get the patient out of her very wet and cold threads. Right? Carly’s truth-telling to Jax was a shock that earned: WOW Carly is telling Jax the truth? That's a twist. I kinda like it. Carly rarely tells the truth and when she does, it must be noted. Plus, major KUDOS to Laura Wright who turned in another fine performance. I actually felt Carly's anguish over what telling the truth meant for Michael.

Earlier in the week when Michael delivered Claudia’s final blow I congratulated Mr. Guza for finally achieving his goal. It took him a while but he finally made Michael a killer. Not sure if that deserves the same props his actors deserve for their performances, but hey, it was a goal that he finally achieved!

Goodbye Claudia and Sarah Brown. I’m sadder about Sarah’s departure than Claudia’s, but nonetheless, Ms. Brown, you exited on a very high acting note. Well done!

SCOOP… Just who is taking pictures and keeping a scrapbook of all things Jason Morgan? James Franco,as he’s “Jason’s worst nightmare.” Anyone catch the conversation with Lulu and Dante? He mentioned a fallen officer who fell at the hands of Sonny Corinthos. We all know Sonny rarely gets his hands dirty so COULD Franco be avenging that officer’s death? RUMORS once said he would be the son of one of Jason’s victims. When a picture is sent to Jason, who gets the duty of tracing it back to its sender? Dante! Who else gets a peek at the incriminating pic? Olivia! So now Maxie has seen Sonny in a bloody shirt, Carly told Jax the truth and Dante shows his mama a picture that could put Jason away for life. Another PC secret that too many people know; good thing only half of them know the REAL truth.

Speaking of Lulu and Dante… GREAT pairing! I don't usually like every new, younger male getting thrown into Lulu's orbit, but this one works. It works very well. Now that Lulu knows his secret— at least part of it— what issues will be thrown her way? It LOOKS like Luke will be doing some dealing with his old pal Sonny which could land Lulu’s dad in trouble with the law. Will she spill or just attempt to get her dad to end his ties to Sonny?

Secrets… I hate them but the Daytime community at large loves them. I don’t mind a good old mystery or a really well-kept secret but this nonsense, well, it’s just nonsense. Alas, we have another secret, a secret affair that a certain fair-skinned nurse wants kept under wraps. Sigh. Elizabeth begs her future father-in-law to keep what he knows about her trysts with Nikolas to himself. Will he? Luke is hardly the moral compass. Don’t forget, Lucky and Liz hit the sheets, er couch, and of course Nikolas is going a little green over it.

RANDOM and CRAZY… Carly kicks Jax to the curb but what about Jason? He knew that Claudia was mixed up with Jerry, and that Jerry was connected to all this. Will Carly be pissed at her BFF? Michael is a little too Stone Cold. Will drastic measures need to be taken? Getting into mob mode, Michael issues an order to Max and Milo, Kiefer better watch out. An ex-girlfriend of Patrick’s pops up. Lucky and Nikolas both visit Emily’s grave. Will Johnny find out about Dante? Will Liz try to keep Lucky, or make it work with Nikolas? Can Spixie recover from Maxie’s "oops"? Johnny the Hitman? Team Lucky and Jason?