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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I complained on Wednesday that day's episode of General Hospital was a horrible episode. Luckily they followed it up with two excellent episodes on Thursday and Friday. Those shows were full of great acting and soapy goodness. So, I guess I was rewarded for putting up with Wednesday!!


Giant kudos to Laura Wright. That girl is bringing it like I haven’t seen her bring it since since the episodes right after Micheal was shot! When Carly confronted Jax about knowing about Jerry and Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting all along, her tears really got to me. Later, when Carly found out her friend Olivia had also know the truth and blasted her a new one, I cheered. I also enjoyed the moment of sweetness with Morgan and the baby, before Carly yet again lit into Jax, and kicked him out.

However, there were a couple things about Carly's behavior that bugged me. First off, I'm not happy with her determined belief that Micheal will be just fine if they cover Claudia's death up.  It's almost like she’s in denial about what happened and the effects it will have on a teenage boy. Carly is also in denial about Michael wanting to follow in Sonny’s footsteps.

I was glad Carly called out Jason on his knowing the truth as well, even though she let him off much too easy. Jason said he couldn’t tell Carly because if something happened to her or the baby, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself. Essentially, that’s the same reason Jax kept his mouth shut, yet she is refusing to forgive her husband. Talk about a double standard. Why should Jax receive the full brunt of Carly's anger?

In true douche form, Sonny came over to pass the buck onto Jax. I was so glad Jax reminded Sonny he’s the tool who brought Claudia into all of their lives in the first place. Sonny’s full of crap as usual, but the scenes were well acted and soapy.

Stupid line of the day:

Sonny to Jax: “I will get my son through this”

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Of course he will. He’ll simply buy him another sports car. Or a jetski.

The writing concerning Michael’s reaction to all of this troubles me. I was really hoping to see him upset over what he’s done. He should be puking his guts out somewhere in disgust over taking another life .It would be great if they used this as a catalyst for Michael to realize he doesn’t want any part of the violent life that his father lives.  I don’t understand how Carly, Jason or Sonnyl expect this teenage boy, who already has major emotional problems, to be able to keep quiet about something this heinous, no matter how justified his actions may have been.

Interesting Jason/Lucky scene. I laughed when Jason said he knew what questions Lucky would ask, and then Lucky asked Jason what his favourite color and music were. I find there is a very different vibe between these two than when Greg Vaughan was playing Lucky.

Lastly, I feel so, so, so very bad for Johnny! Yes, Claudia was psycho and she didn’t know when to stop, but she was his sister and he loved her.

Line of the day:

Johnny to Olivia:
“I want to say goodbye to her. I want to bring her flowers. I want to remember the good times.”

Only Johnny can make me feel sympathy for Claudia.