Jillian's B&B Spoilers


The ladies do battle over Eric's displeasure with Donna hosting The Catwalk.

Mother Douglas visits her girls, who try to persuade Ann to stick around Los Angeles. Pam upsets the apple cart with her opinion on the matter.

She offers up her home and her medical opinion to a soul in need.


Forrester Creations: A show down for the company commences once again.

Steffy: She jumps to the wrong conclusions and goes on the defensive when Brooke makes a comment about the family. Romantic showdown: The battle over a woman have two men on the attack.

Bill/Katie: Will they get hitched? The wedding party's all waiting with anticipation for Bill and Katie to take the plunge.

Whip: He runs into a familiar face, however the lady in question acts like he's a nobody to her and evades his prodding.

Bridget/Nick/Sandy: The Marones are excited about Sandy carrying their baby. Sandy acts a bit aloof about the entire ordeal setting off alarm bells for Nick.