General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Today's ending was a dream sequence, wasn’t it?!! Liz had the cojones to finally tell Lucky the truth, although a slightly skewered truth, “I’ve been sleeping with Nikolas. It just happened”.

Lucky/Liz/Nikolas: Lucky was of course shocked and revolted, and then Nikolas cames around the corner, Lucky pulled out his gun and shot him. Nikolas was literally blown off his feet. That all couldn't possibly be real, could it? Tomorrow will most definitely start with either Nik or Liz waking up in a cold sweat. Won’t it??

Back tracking a bit, the entire time Lucky was chatting with the mayor and/or Rebecca out in the hall, I couldn’t understand why Nikolas was still standing there with his shirt unbuttoned. What if someone had walked into the room?

Michael The Mobster: I’m not sure how I feel about mobster-in-training Michael, ordering Sonny’s goons to teach Keifer a lesson. Part of me would enjoy the little abuser getting what’s coming to him, but the other part is disgusted at how quickly Michael’s transformation into Sonny Jr. is taking place. I did laugh at Milo’s line: “Where is he?”, and I laughed at the look of “Oh crap” on Sonny’s face.

I find it interesting that Jason got a crisis of conscience concerning Michael. Wouldn't it be great if it continued?  I’m guessing in a day or so, he’ll be back to covering up Michael’s involvement in Claudia's death.

CarJax: I don’t know what to think about this couple anymore. Carly was making sense today, but I still firmly believe that Jax is nowhere near as culpable for this mess as SaSon are, and if she can forgive them so quickly, why can't she forgive the husband, who has put up with a lot of crap from her during the past two years?

Lulu/Dante: Still a cute pairing, but Lulu has to stop with the "officer" thing.

Sidenotes: Olivia needs to stop visiting Sonny. Sonny needs to stop being a douche to Johnny before Johnny decides retaliation is more fun than grief.