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Will Betty White's Ann Die on The Bold and the Beautiful?

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Uh oh, those Douglas women will be on the loose again! Betty White chatted with TV Guide Magazine  about her alter ego's visit with her daughters Stephanie and Pam and what The Bold and the Beautiful viewers can expect. 


The fans won’t like this one bit. Ann’s a royal pain in the ass but we love her for that. We don’t want her dead.

Ann doesn’t want to see Ann dead! I think she’s starting to get panicky and doesn’t want to face death. In her mind she didn’t show up in Los Angeles to make amends with her girls. She’d never admit she’s been less than perfect as a mother. But she’s losing her power. She’s losing control. She wants to get rid of some of the old garbage, so it’s nice for her to be with Stephanie and Pam and resolve some issues that have been sticky for a while. She must have looked in the mirror one morning and said, “My God, Ann, you’re getting older. We better get some things resolved.” Of course, I do that every morning!

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