DC Interview: Kim Zimmer Admits to Turning Down a Soap, But Which One?


Daytime legend Kim Zimmer is out looking for a job, but not just any job. The woman who brought Guiding Light's fabulously-fiery Reva Shayne to life recently chatted with Daytime Confidential's Melodie Aikels at the So Long Springfield event in Pittsburgh, where she admitted she has already been offered a soap gig— which she turned down. Zimmer also speaks out about what she liked and didn't like about how her legendary character's story ended in Springfield.


Daytime Confidential: What did you think of Josh and Reva ending up together?

Kim Zimmer: It was good. I think it was the way it was supposed to be. I didn't like how nothing was resolved with Jeffrey though. I would have liked to have maybe had Jeffrey reappear in Springfield a year later and he sees Josh and Reva drive off together.

DC: What have you been up to since Guiding Light has been off the air?

KZ: I did a movie for the Hallmark Channel that should be out around Father's Day sometime called Freshman Father.

DC: How did that go? How did you come into that role.

KZ: It was great. It was an offer. I didn't even have to audition. So, that's really nice. I haven't gotten any of the jobs I've auditioned for! [Laughs] So, if people just want to make me offers, then I'll say yes.

DC: If you had the chance, would you do another soap, perhaps One Life to Live or The Young and the Restless?

KZ: Well, I was offered something but I couldn't do it. I said no. Hopefully, they will come up with a better idea next time.

DC: Can you say which soap.

KZ: No. It's tough you know. Whatcha gonna do?