Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

Paul/Nina: The gumshoe shares a kiss with the screenwriter, leaving her shocked and confused.

The Newman brothers butt heads once again (What else is new?).


Adam/Sharon: He shares another secret with her.

JT/Victoria: The Hellstroms shock Nick and Phyllis with some information.

Phillip: The prodigal son stuns his family with news of him moving back to Australia. The cattle rustlers Cane put in jail are still out to get Cane, and Phillip realizes if they figure out his location the criminals will be able to track Cane down for some payback. In Phillip's mind he has to go back to Australia to protect his friend however, Phillip doesn't realize he's once again hurting his family.

Cane finds out what his old pal is up to and wants to head back with him, but Phillip vetoes the idea. Phillip knows Cane's life is with Lily and feels he must repay him for stepping in for his family when he bailed. Phillip tells Cane not to divulge his real reason for heading back to Australia since the family is still a bit pissed about Cane's deception. When Phillip fills Nina in on his plans she blows her stack.

Jack/Nick: Old Smilin' Jack goes to Nick for help to obtain more control of Jabot. Jack tells Nick his plan for Nick to purchase Chancellor Industries stock with the money Jack gives him on behalf of Newman Enterprises! In Jack's mind, if he had more stock he can have more input of what goes on at Jabot.

Jack is very honest with his former stepson and, even uses Nick's loyalty to family to get what he wants. He tells Nick about them being destined to run their family's business and that's all Jack wants in the long run. Jack knows he can't buy CI stock. Kay is hellbent on keeping him from getting the stock.