Erika Slezak Discusses OLTL Cancellation Rumors

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Erika Slezak discusses the persistent rumors of One Life to Live's possible cancellation, Viki’s race for mayor against Dorian, Kish and working with Trevor St. John, in an interview with Michael Fairman at


What is your feeling on the rumors that One Life could be canceled and that you are set to move into All My Children’s old studios in the new year?

My feeling is, if they were going to cancel us, they would not spend the money to move us, and even though it’s down the street, it’s still expensive. They are giving us a much bigger studio and it will be much more cost effective. I had a conversation about a different subject with Brian Frons (president, ABC Daytime) and he said, “No. I have great faith in One Life and I have great faith in Frank Valentini.” As long as the status quo is maintained and our ratings stay up, I think they have an investment in the show to keep it on the air as long as they can. At least I hope so.