General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


There’s nothing quite like a giant, newborn television baby to make you smile! That Jocelyn, I have no idea how to spell her name properly but she’s a cutie. Almost gives Emma a run for her money.


I’m not happy with how the Dante/Lulu story/relationship is going. She knows what Sonny does and is and that Lucky and Mac have been trying for years to get him and yet now that Dante is trying, Sonny is suddenly her bestest friend who can’t possibly be arrested for being a criminal and doing crimes. I hated that she went to Olivia and I hate that she’s all snooty to Dante about it all, practically holding the truth over his head. That is not how I wanted their relationship to progress.

I hated Nikolas showing up and horning in on Liz and Lucky’s night. I do believe that Elizabeth was about to tell him the truth, but then Nikolas shows up and she couldn’t do it. And then to have Lucky propose in front of his brother and the chick, who tried to fleece him, was about as unromantic as you can get. Nikolas isn’t even pretending to care about Lucky now.

I’m glad that when Nikolas showed up at the studio, that Elizabeth blasted him one and didn’t fall into his arms like I thought she would. I wasn’t happy with her look of dissatisfaction later on, when she was with Lucky. Loved the flashback of the younger them. I wondered how long after JJ’s return we would get one. The interesting thing was that she looked way younger but he didn’t really look like he changed that much, except for the facial hair.

I was glad to see Jason trying to get Sonny see reason, and I was pleasantly surprised that Sonny actually listened to him.

I was also glad to hear Carly realizing that Sonny is not that smart when it comes to the kids.

Cute Alexis/JaSam scene although I’m not sure I understood why JaSam would want to make out in Sonny’s office, where anyone could walk in.

Funny line of the day:

Jason: “There’s another door over there.”