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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

I was on a GH high last week and what always gets me about this show is that I feel like I come down too hard. I haven’t been feeling that high this week and in fact I see a lot of typical repetitive nonsense BUT I’m still hanging in there. I’m not jumping off the bandwagon just yet. Obviously, James Franco has me wondering and the addition of Scott Reeves as Steven Lars Webber has me giddy with expectations. One thing that is definitely keeping me hanging on… Dante/Dominic. Whatever you call him I’m saying Tom Pelphrey who? So much so that I almost gave my roommate a smack across the head when she declared her dislike for him the other day.


Luke mentioned on IM how over the top Zacrazy’s reaction was to Claudia’s death. It was a bit much for someone who tried to kill his own kid quite a few times but I suppose it’s that old saying… ‘I brought you into this world…’ What will Zacrazy do from behind bars? Better yet what will Johnny do to his former brother-in-law? I always liked the Johnny-Jason dynamic but I can totally get behind Johnny making Sonny his enemy numero uno. Will Johnny get his hands on a picture of his dead sister? What will he do with the knowledge of who Dominic really is? Speaking of knowing who Dominic really is… Lulu gets a little worried when Luke and Sonny decide to do business again. When it’s her dad on the line, will Lulu keep Dante’s secret? RUMOR has it it’s an overheard conversation between Lulu and Dominic that has Johnny learning the truth. Would Johnny put his lover’s son on the line to avenge his sister’s death? Will he use Dominic to take Sonny down? It looks like Johnny tells Olivia he knows the truth and leaves Olivia worrying over what he’ll do with the info.

Another secret… Liz and Nikolas. What will Elizabeth say when she finds out Luke knows and Nikolas didn’t bother to tell her? Will Nikolas send Rebecca packing telling her he’s in love with someone else? How does Rebecca leave Port Chuck and exactly what does Zander Smith have to do with it? All of this nonsense is making my head hurt. Liz asks Luke to keep what he knows from his cowboy. Will he? Elizabeth is torn between an old undying love for Lucky and her ever growing feelings for Nikolas. Didn’t we already have this story? LL2 hit the sofa yesterday and as mentioned in a previous blog, she’ll be hitting it with Nikolas again as well. Will they have a near miss with Lucky?

Maxie is on Lucky’s list of people to question. How did the PCPD make the leap from Claudia’s disappearance to Maxie? I know she was at the party but didn’t they say all the party goers were already questioned? I am interested in seeing the dynamic between Jonathan Jackson and Kirsten Storms. I didn’t hate Maxie and Lucky I just wasn’t a fan of the affair and her feeding him drugs. Will Maxie be a good mob moll and lie to Detective Spencer? Is it time for Lucky to finally get a clue about something? RUMORS say he thinks Maxie knows more than she’s telling.

More guilt from Jason over Michael… Am I the only one that likes this version of Michael? You raised the kid in the mob now deal with the consequences. Luke Kerr called him a brat, I like the brat. I even liked him ordering Max and Milo to scare Keifer. Furthermore, I’m sick of Jason feeling guilty about Michael. How about a little guilt over your own kid. I know, I know, my Liason bias is showing but really it’s a Jason bias. I loved Jason Morgan and now I see a shell of his former self. It just annoys me and this RUMOR has me annoyed the most. Apparently Jason tells Sonny he wants to hang up the holster and not be the enforcer anymore, for the time being anyways. He wants to show Michael it’s not all about the violence so Jason decides to tone the thug part of his job down. A. Isn’t this what Sonny was trying to do when Michael got shot? He wanted to show him the legitimate side of the biz and B. You won’t hang it up for a chance to be with Jake but you will to show Michael violence isn’t the only way?

RANDOM and CRAZY… Johnny is another Jax, all for Dominic taking Sonny down. Did someone do a little photo shopping? Remember the OLD RUMOR of Morgan becoming a little Michael - esque? Same plan different daddy. Jason and Sonny and a trap? You don’t say! From moneyless Cop to ring buying, house building Lucky. What happened to the financial woes? Olivia sees a picture.

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Questions I didn’t get to last week….

Regan do you have ideas about how Sam fits into the Franco storyline??

I’m not 100% sure but she is in most of Jason’s scenes lately and since Franco’s focus is Jason I’d say it’s a safe bet that Sam will factor in somewhere. There are plenty of RUMORS however, TPTB are desperately trying to stay as tight-lipped as possible about his storyline.

And what do you make of this stuff about Lucky shooting Embecca as she is about to shoot Nik. Will she leave in a body bag?? (and would that make him as much of a "killer" as Michael)

I haven’t seen much about Lucky shooting Rebecca. There is a lot of SPECULATION over her exit based on Chad Brannon’s brief return. Some are saying that as Rebecca leaves town, she meets a man who looks just like Zander Smith leaving us all wondering.

Do you have any idea of what will happen to CarJax once she finds out Jax is trying to frame Sonny.

For months now RUMORS have had Carly and Jax on a very bumpy road but most of those RUMORS went with what Jax knew about Michael’s shooting. I would think that Carly will be just as upset that Jax is still hiding some major dirt from her. Despite who he is and what he does, Sonny is the father of her boys. I would imagine Jax’s enthusiastic role in taking Sonny down won’t sit well with Carly.

There was a rumor about a change in dynamic between Carly and Sam. GH lover and I are hoping for a CarSam friendship?? will we be seeing more of them together??

I don’t see a Carly and Sam friendship happening but you never know.

Is JF still taping scenes or is he done?

He may still be taping. He was supposed to tape on three separate days that would cover a chunk of episodes.

Speaking of the opening...that thing is embarrassing...when are they going to change it?

Plenty of stars were on their Twitters saying new opening shots were filmed. They also said they have no control or clue over when it was set to air. Its beyond embarrassing, it’s downright ridiculous that they have not updated it and removed the dead people.

Big game for my Buckeyes this weekend! I know Steve Burton, Tyler Christopher, Derk and Drew Cheetwood will all be cheering for the Bucks with me! GO BUCKS!