Jillian's B&B Spoilers

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Donna: Her hosting gig on The Catwalk causes tension in her marriage. Donna has to miss a romantic dinner with Eric to fulfill her obligations to Bill.


Eric/Stephanie: The Forrester patriarch visits his ex and taked a trip down memory lane with martinis in hand.

Stephanie/Pam: TheDouglas sisters butt heads over their mother's treatment options once they get bad news about Ann's condition. Later, the women visit with their mother separately to repair their strained relationship.

Bill: He loses something dear to him, which could out a huge secret he's hiding. Bill tries to downplay the missing item, but is rocked by it being gone.

Taylor: Steffy has an idea on how to combat her mother's single status. Taylor winds up coming face-to-face with guy she corresponded with through a singles' web site.

A chat with Brooke makes the Forrester heiress come to terms with her shame and disloyalty to her dad.

Whip/Steffy: Their deeds ignite a new war.