CBS This Week: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

It's  November Sweeps month which has made for some great soap watching, but isn't all wine and roses. Here is a quick rundown of what I liked, didn't like, hated or just didn't understand on CBS this week.


The Good

Stephanie rockin' the martinis on The Bold and the Beautiful. Seriously, she was hilarious, especially after she realized Katie and Bill were getting married in a public park in Van Nuys. Ol' Steph commented she'd have paid good money to see the wealthy Bill Spencer hitching up in the San Fernando Valley. She also shared stellar scenes with ex-husband Eric, who she dissed for hosting a reception when he clearly should have told Donna to pound salt. She did it without spilling a drop of those martinis. Atta girl!

Brad and Henry of As the World Turns are my new favorite soap couple. They are making me laugh out loud with their ghostly antics. Neither Brad nor Henry were this "on" when he was alive. It's been one of the better ghost stories I've watched over the years and Trent Dawson gets to do what he does best, comedy. They are much more fun than Luke and Noah.

There was a lot of screwing on ATWT this week, but it wasn't the horizontal kind. Carly couldn't help herself and put the screws to Craig and Rosanna by tormenting them at every turn. Craig found the power of suggestion to be a bit too much when Carly popped into his head when he was in bed with Rosanna. The best line was when Rosanna brought muffins to Carly as a peace offering and she commented that Rosanna should have brought tarts. Meanwhile, an increasingly and much more fun to watch Meg was putting the screws to Damian. Seriously, Damian look like he's going to crap his pants when she toys with him and I love it.

A great scene played out on ATWT when decades-long rivals Margo and Barbara shared a drink at the Lakeview bar. Margo had a "Come to Jesus" moment when she realized Barbara and Henry were more than friends and her interest in him was more than motherly. Babs couldn't get her wine order in fast enough.

Phyllis Newman blasted Dr. Emily after getting an apology note from Patty. If I were the good doc, I'd be scared of Big Red. She's been put on notice and it was the first time in a while that a Young and Restless character preached the truth about how they really felt. Billy doesn't count, he does that all the time.

I had a tee-hee moment (thanks Joshua) when Paul was talking to Chance about his mother Mary on Y&R. Chance has no idea how much better off he is with Nina on his shoulder instead of Mary Williams. Man, do I miss her! 

The Bad

ATWT for using shaky hand held cameras on Jack's US tour. It's bad when I need Dramamine to watch TV.

Oakdale is in a time warp that I can't figure out. I know soaps work at lightning speed now, but Carly, Margo, Craig and Rosanna flying from the Midwest to the East Coast and back while Oakdale time stays the same is downright jarring. I can't wrap my mind around how long Jack and Ben Franklin had to have been on that rooftop.

Y&R's Abby has a sudden attitude change. She's spent her life surrounded by chaos (she's a soap character!), so why take the only good teenager on soaps and make her like all the others? I get weary of snarky, ill-mannered teens.

Nick Newman inadvertently gives Jeffrey and Gloria what they want, money. I've never seen two characters ease in and out of money without ever having to work for it. Gloria was rockin' that Patty Hearst get-up on Friday though. All she needed was a machine gun.

Holden's hair on ATWT. What's going on there?

Carly and Rosanna are just heating up and Cady McClain will leave the show. Too bad...they are rejuvenating their old rivalry!

The Ugly

Maczilla (thanks Jillian and Melodie) offering to have a child for Lily and Cane. I'll hand out another demerit for two Bell soaps running simultaneous surrogate storylines. I hope there is no baby swapping in the cards between the two shows!

Over at B&B, Steffy kissed Bill Spencer and turned it into an international incident. I'm supposed to believe a major league CEO would travel 200 miles round trip by car from L.A. to Big Bear to talk about a kiss? They need to retool Steffy. It's good she's corporate minded, but her romantic life is hot mess and not in a good way.  They keep sticking her under different men, but nothing is working!

Ok, your turn. You know what to do.