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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Someone really needs to take Lulu aside and explain to her that what she’s doing is wrong. By being so cryptic with Sonny and Luke she’s throwing suspicion on Lucky to Sonny and is likely endangering his life. Lucky's oblivious to it. Her logic doesn’t make any sense. Sonny has been nice to her on occasion, so somehow that makes it okay for her to mess up an ongoing police investigation and put Dante in harm’s way? Can Dante arrest her for something, maybe aiding and abetting?

It's nice to see Jason get some clarity about the whole killing people thing, but I doubt it will stick. What else would he do for Sonny if he wasn’t the enforcer? Would he wait tables in the lovely new restaurant that no one appears to eat at?

I don’t hate the Carly/Jason friendship, but I don’t like when she gets all gushy about what he does and how he’s a good man despite it.

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Did Sonny basically just threaten Jax’ life by saying he’s keeping Jax alive because of Carly? If I had any doubts about Jax wanting to take Sonny down, they went away after this episode.

It was nice to see Monica and Edward out of the closet and acknowledging Emily’s death. Although Monica’s visit was more LizNik angst and Edward’s was more Rebecca propping than anything else.

Why does everyone go to Liz to reign in Nikolas? Why would Ethan go to her to get her talk to Nik? I know it was a plot point, but it would have made more sense if Ethan had gone to Alexis or Sam.

Loved the Maxie/Johnny scene even though I hate that she hasn’t told Mac the truth about Sonny and the bloody print. There is still some chemistry between these two. I’m not sure that I want the police commissioner’s daughter with the mob prince, but maybe he’s better than the petulant computer geek.

Where are Scrubs? And Alexis?