Ron Carlivati Tells After Elton How Stacy's Baby Will Affect Kish

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One Life to Live's

head writer 

Ron Carlivati

visited with

After Elton's

Anthony Langford

about the popular Kish pairing and revealed that Stacy and her baby are about to become a big part of their storyline.

AE: Will there be other bigger stories for them?

RC: Oh yeah, absolutely. The other story that's going on with them at the same time is that from his one night stand with Stacy there's a pregnant girl out there that's carrying his baby. As their relationship moves forward, you know that complication is lying out there. Obviously I'm farther ahead with the writing, but what you're seeing now is just playing out the romance and the love story without the obstacles at the moment. Down the road, the baby story will become a big part of their relationship.