General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


It's good to see Sonny’s ego is as big as ever. “No cop has gotten me and none will”. I had to laugh that he was saying this, to a cop, who’s gathering evidence as we speak. Then he follows it up by giving Dante the picture of dead Claudia and telling him that she is in fact, dead.

Sonny did give me the line of the day. Something about Claudia still messing with them, even beyond the grave. Score one for Claudia!

I wanted Dante to smack Lulu, not kiss her. She just doesn’t get it.

Liz is another one that’s making me angry. She begs Luke not to say anything to Lucky and then runs to Nikolas for the eight millionth time.

Luke should have told Lucky the truth, rather than spend five minutes beating around the bush. Lucky’s going to be ticked that Luke knew the truth and didn’t say anything.

I was upset that Maxie lied to Lucky about not seeing Sonny the night of the murder, but I liked the Maxie/Spinelli scene where she gets upset with him for not taking her or her career seriously.

Having the fake Claudia open her eyes and talk was rather creepy.

I loved seeing Scrubs enjoying themselves with Matt, Mac and Coleman, but I didn’t like the inclusion of Louise or the heavy handed way they’re throwing invisible “Lisa” into the mix.