Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

Paul/Nina: The gumshoe swings by the Chancellor mansion to bring Jill up to speed on the MIA Charlotte. Nina and Katherine bust up their pow wow and Jill quickly says she's dating Paul. Kay and Nina don't buy the line she's trying to sell them and know something isn't right. After dinner at the C's Paul and Jill get split up, and Nina pounces on him for the truth. When they are outside Nina continues to try and pry the real deal from Paul, but he refuses to rat Jill out.


Nina figures out the duo is trying to find Kay's biological daughter. Paul confesses and asks her to keep mum on the situation. He comes to the realization Nina was a tad bit bothered by his faux relationship with Jill. Nina scoffs at his accusation, and Paul steals a kiss! Afterwards, Nina is confused.

Billy: He uses the magazine to get his lady love to return.

Adam/Sharon: Sharon decides to drop in on Adam at the Newman ranch. He goes to get them something to drink, and Faith starts to cry. Sharon heads off to soothe the little girl. Adam returns and starts to have pangs of guilt seeing mother and child together. He rushes Sharon off, bothered by the sight of Sharon and Faith together. Ashley comes in and senses Adam had company. She notices he's upset. Ashley encourages him to meet up with the special lady in his life. Adam heads out after Sharon.

Adam tells Sharon he needs to own up to something before stunning her with a kiss! Afterwards he leaves. The two reminisce about their lip-service. Later, Jack swings by and invites his ex to turkey day dinner, but she shoots him down. Sharon in turn invites Adam for Thanksgiving dinner, where they become closer. While this takes place Jack spots the two together...

Jack/Sharon: Old Smilin' Jack and Sharon butt heads over Adam.

Emily: The good doctor surprises Paul with her news.

Michael: Attorney extraordinaire lies to cover for Kevin.