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Martha Stewart On Rachael Ray

Martha Stewart let her feelings about Rachael Ray be known on Thursday's Nightline on ABC. Ray appeared on Stewart's show earlier this month. According to, Stewart commented,


What Rachael Ray does is "not good enough for me." During the interview, Stewart also revealed that Ray confessed to her that she "cannot bake," adding that Ray "just did a new cookbook which is just a re-edit of a lot of her old recipes. ... I mean, I really want to write a book that is a unique and lasting thing."

Although a Rachael Ray Show rep would not comment, Ray countered with the following on ABC News,

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Her skill set is far beyond mine. That's simply the reality of it. That doesn't mean that what I do isn't important, too ... I don't consider it needling. I really just think she's being honest, Ray says. She does have a better skill set than I do when it comes to producing a beautiful, perfect, high-quality meal. I'd rather eat Martha's than mine, too.

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