Relive The Prattastrophe!

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Chuck Pratt is out at All My Children, but lest any of us forget the horror of his run relive some of the Prattastrophe with links below.

Chuck Pratt to AMC Cast: "Jamie Luner is No &#$ Kisser!"
Jamie "No A$$ Kisser" Luner All My Children Promo
AMC's Chuck Pratt Blames Rianca Story Bomb on Riegel's Exit
Eden Riegel Takes High Road With AMC's Chuck Pratt
One Shocking Twist After Another
Beth Ehlers Talks Greasy About Chuck Pratt and JR Martinez!
Chuck Pratt On Rebecca Budig "She's My Favorite"
Why One Life to Live Deserves to be The Last ABC Soap Standing
21 Daytime Questions With Jillian
All My Children Was ABC's Most Watched Soap The Week of Oct. 19-23
Hey Fronsie, Maybe Thorsten and Alicia Just Aren't That Into You?
BREAKING NEWS: I TOLD Y'all, All My Children MOVES to LA; OLTL Gets AMC Studio!
The Murder That Changed a Town Forever
Pratt In At All My Children, Esensten And Brown Out?
DC #381: DC Meets The Pine Valley Podcast
Daytime Soap Operas and The Theory of Opposite Thinking
HALLELUJAH: Chuck Pratt OUT at All My Children!!

Pratt Falls: The Parody that got us through the dark days.

LMAO: All My Children's Chuck Pratt and Julie Hanan Carruthers in "Pratt Falls"
The Latest Episode of Pratt Falls
AMC Pratt Falls: Episode 3!!!!
AMC Pratt Falls: Episode 4
AMC Pratt Falls: Episode 5
AMC Pratt Falls: Shock and Awe, Episode 6
AMC Pratt Falls: Episode 7, Is Pratt the "Minister of Misogyny?"
AMC: Pratt Falls Episode 8: "Curses, Eden Riegel's Power Grows"
Pratt Falls Episode 10