Jillian's B&B Spoilers

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Taylor: She meets her internet date and is shocked to discover it's a man from her past. Taylor isn't too thrilled to meet a man from a tough time in her life.

Nick: He gets the test results for Sandy's pregnancy and finds info on her. Nick confronts her on what he learns.

Whip/Sandy: She freaks out after being grilled by Whip. He pushes Sandy further on what secrets she's keeping.

Ridge: He takes a hard look at his career.

Bill/Brooke: Speaking to Brooke, Bill is busted on a lil' tale he's spun. He decides to come clean about Steffy kissing him. Brooke gets more dirt on the kiss which doesn't add up for her. She has a showdown with Bill and is cautioned. Bill confesses all about he and Steffy.

Bill: He starts to re-think telling Brooke about Steffy. Bill wonders if he should keep it a secret.

Brooke: She worries about her sister getting wind of Steffy kissing Bill and the repercussions.