Mystery Soap Stars Lend Voices to Gotham

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The wait is over. And the future is here this Monday at 8 p.m. ET. Gotham will finally air online in just three days. Creator, star, writer, and producer (Whew — take a breath here) Martha Byrne tells The Suds Report exclusively that several mystery soap actors will be lending their voices to the web series. “There are mystery voiceovers of future cast members in the beginning of the first episode,” reveals the Emmy winner. “The actors will not be listed in the credits so it will be a fun guessing game for the fans.” How much you want to bet one of the voices is’s Roger Newcomb whispering sweet nothings to Michael Park?! LOL! For your chance to win an autographed Gotham script, log on to The Suds Report’s Facebook page, and tell us what you thought of Byrne’s inaugural episode. If I can, I will be tweeting while I watch the first Gotham offering. As for how many episodes we can expect this season, Byrne simply says, “At this point, it’s all open-ended.”