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One Life to Live Spoilers

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Hello Y'all! I'm digging into my old bag of tricks and doing some One Life to Live Spoilers. Be sure to remember that it's a short week in Llanview with the show only airing live 3 days. So without further adieu, here are all the all the juicy spoilers for the week of November 23rd.


Schuyler/Stacy/Kim: Stacy and Kim continue their plan to dupe Rex into thinking he's going to be a proud papa. However, the two are adjusting Stacy's pregnancy pad when Schulyer walks in on them! The wheels start turning in his mind and he quickly figures out there is no way Rex could be the father of Stacy's baby. Ever the quick liar, Kim tells Schuyler that in fact he (Schuyler) is the true father of the baby as a result of the drunken night he and Stacy slept together.  Schuyler doesn't believe her at first but with some quick convincing, he buys it hook, line, and sinker. The duo tell him to keep quiet about the truth if he really wants a shot with Gigi. Will Schuyler figure out Kim and Stacy are lying to him?

Dorian: Dorian finally admits defeat in the mayor's race and concedes to Viki. She plans to go to London and find David but doesn't quite make it.  As Dorian's on her way out the door, she gets word that Viki abdicated her office due to her family turmoil. She decides to claim her title as mayor instead of following her heart to David. Did Dorian make the right decision?

Natalie/Rex/Roxy: If you thought these three didn't have the best relationship before, you haven't seen anything yet. Natalie has a talk with Rex and pleads with him to stay away from Mitch. Will Rex heed Natalie's words? Whether he does or not, the two end up seeing Roxy. They decide to cut off all ties with her, which devastates Roxy. However, Rex has a change of heart on Thanksgiving about her. Will it be a Thanksgiving to remember??

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Jessica/Mitch: Mitch sends Jessica a highly disturbing message. Side Note: Is anyone else besides me just waiting for one Jessica's other personalities to come out because of this mess with Mitch? Also, Mitch gives a mysterious message to one of his people to move forward with the plan. What is Mitch's diabolical plan?

Clint/Bo/Nora/Matthew: Recovering from surgery, Matthew is eager to get back on his feet. In Llanview, Bo and Nora worry about Matthew. Clint sees this and feels they all need to be together. Therefore, Clint arranges for the whole family to fly out to Seattle and be with Matthew for Thanksgiving. The gang is thrilled when Matthew gets some feeling in his legs.

Todd/Tea/Ross: Todd saves the day when he rescues Tea from a violent Ross. When it's all over, Todd asks Tea questions about Danielle. Tea begins to tell Todd the truth, but Danielle walks in stopping Tea in her tracks. Nevertheless, Todd puts the pieces together and figures out who Danielle really is. He keeps quiet and the two begin to deal with Danielle's questions about what happened with Ross. Danielle refuses to believe Ross attacked Tea and blames the whole ordeal on Todd. The police show up and Danielle convinces them Todd and Tea tried to kidnap her. The police believe Danielle and arrest Todd and Tea. In route to the big house, Tea confesses to Todd that Danielle is his daughter. How will Todd react?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (November 30th):

  • The All American Rejects perform at Ultra Violet
  • Mitch's letter does not sit well with Jessica
  • Mitch has a few words for Dorian
  • Todd and Ross battle it out over Danielle
  • Rex tells Jessica they are siblings
  • Llanview says goodbye to Jared