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Kevin Spirtas Gets "Loaded" Response to Off-Broadway Show

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We Love Soaps' Damon Jacobs chats with former Days of our Lives and One Life to Live star Kevin Spirtas about his Off-Broady show Loaded and his stint on One Life to Live.

We Love Soaps: I really enjoyed “Loaded.” What kind of response have you gotten from others so far?

Kevin Spirtas: So far I’ve gotten a very “loaded” response. I have received emails, posts on my Facebook page, and so has my co-star Scott Kerns. People also come up to us after the show. They are very moved, they feel pushed, and they are very intrigued by the content of the piece. There is a lot here. They are listening to the struggle, to the generational divide between two individuals separated in age. Because of that, it brings up a lot of stuff. It’s causing them to go away from [the show] and continue with that conversation. They ask, “Do I see myself up there? Who do I know like that?” It’s very interesting. The piece focuses on these two men who each have struggles in their own life. My character [“Patrick”] feels very comfortable in the bedroom. He’s comfortable with this younger character [“Jude”] in bed but he also wants more. I think both want more but they just don’t know how to come to a common ground as common as under the sheets.

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