Alison Sweeney Keeps It All Together

CelebrityBabyScoop.com caught up with the busy Alison Sweeney to chat about her life. Sweeney, who has played Days of our Lives vixen Samantha Brady for 17 years, is also host of The Biggest Loser and mother to children Ben, 4 and infant Megan. She talked about how she manages to keep those plates spinning without falling off the stick.  


CBS: How do you do it all? What is your best advice for busy working moms on how to keep a good balance.

AS: I wish I had an easy answer to that. It's always easiest to say it starts with balance but it's about every day making the decisions you can live with for that day. Then it is about looking back over the day/week/month and making sure that you are keeping everything in check, that nothing is falling too far off your radar. Also, since I've decided to continue my career, I try to make it a practice to honor that decision by giving my job 100% while I'm there - not regretting that decision or feeling guilty - if I'm going to be away from my kids, I owe it to them to make that time worth it. And then when I am with Ben, I put the blackberry aside, and give him my full attention.

As if she didn't have enough to keep her hopping, the soap star serves as spokesperson for Feeding America. Follow Alison Sweeney on Twitter, where she posts updates on what's going on with her charities and her career.