General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I loved Maxie and Franco together. I thought Kirsten Storms did a good job of keeping up with the big boys, so to speak. Although I thought it was rather strange of her to go somewhere with a virtual stranger, even if she wanted him to commit to the photo shoot. I was glad when she got angry with him, about posing her in a chalk outline, considering what happened with Georgie.

How is it that Kate is not even in a scene that involves her company? They couldn’t pay Megan Ward for two minutes of work? Have her stand beside Jax for a second?

I was surprised to see Luke show up at an art gallery, since that doesn’t seem to be his style, even if Tracy dragged him to it. I guess Tony Geary wanted some face time with James Franco.

Loved Luke going off on Sonny, even though the shootout wasn’t technically Sonny’s fault.

I was surprised that Franco waved at Jason and let the cat out of the bag so soon.

What was with Sam’s dress? Could it be any shorter?!

I’m not sure I understood why Lucky went to Jason’s to tell him everything about the crime scene. Is that standard procedure now, telling a potential suspect about the various oddities?

I found it ironic that Lulu spent all her time trying to get Dante’s attention and getting annoyed by him. Maybe he’s tired of you trying to out him at every opportunity.

Anybody else hoping that lightning would have struck Olivia while she was praying?