General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I can’t believe Maxie slept with Franco. I know the girl is self destructive and he was pushing all the right buttons (and he’s hot!!), but still. I assume this is the end of Spixie as we know it.

Again, I’m wondering why Lucky feels the need to inform everyone of information on the crime scene. Shouldn’t there be some details that don’t get leaked to the public, to make it easier to catch the criminal? However, I loved that he questioned Spinelli as to why all the local mobsters decided to visit an art gallery. And I loved that he looked at that picture that Dante was staring at all day, and realized the pose was the same. Jonathan Jackson might look like he’s 12 but he clearly is no slouch in the detective department.

I Hated Jason’s sanctimonious, “do I have the right to kill this guy, just because” and I hated Sam’s “you saved a bunch of people today, you’re a good man, you kill only when you have to” that I’m always forced to listen to. Nothing justifies killing, even if that person saw you mow down four people.

I hated Sonny’s “boo hoo, Lucky’s a cop and we can’t play together” baloney and the “gee, I hope none of my kids decide to become an icky cop” baloney, but I loved that he was spilling his beans to Dante.

As for Olivia, if she wants Dante off the case so badly, why not just call his superiors and tell them that he’s been compromised and that Johnny knows who he is. Instead of standing there wringing her hands.

If everyone in town knows that Spinelli hacks into the security cameras to find things, people, why doesn’t the PCPD check out the security cameras themselves to see what happened during the shootout (or any other crime)?