General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


My oh my what a difference an actor makes… All of the sudden I can no longer call Lucky Spencer the Barney Fife of Port Charles. With the return of JJ Lucky gets a brain. I’m not sure if that makes me happy or sad. Be sure to weigh in.

Alexis and Mac? Could it be true? There are plenty of RUMBLINGS that they just MAY get paired up. This blogger couldn’t be happier. Two great characters, two great actors… what more could GH fans ask for? Oh a good story to be written along with it. COULD Alexis’s fixation with the bad boy finally be taking a rest? Will Kristina and Kiefer factor in somehow? Alexis may need a friend to listen and Mac just may fit that bill. Hey, he raised three girls himself.

Maxie, Maxie, Maxie… What have you done? Yes he’s hot and mysterious and in real life he’s an uber-successful film star but really did you have to sleep with him? I’ve said from Spixie day one, I just didn’t see them lasting for the long haul and I hate to say I told you so. Will Franco hold Maxie’s indiscretions over her head in his artistic maniac way? Will this be the undoing of Spixie for good? It looks like Spinelli ends it and it also looks like one of my major annoyances will not happen. This secret COULD be out sooner than later.

My girl Liz sucks right now… I can admit it. Will she marry Lucky or go for the Prince? Good thing her big brother is coming back to town. Remember when she thought it was a good idea to marry Lucky to get Jason out of her head? Remember all those times I’ve told you that GH loves to recycle? Apparently, we MAY be looking at one of those times. RUMOR has it that Rebecca heads out of town keeping the Nikolas and Elizabeth affair to herself. Will the wedding actually happen though? How many non-weddings are we going to have on this show? Scrubs wedding number one got interrupted with the birth of their daughter, Spixie put an end to their nuptials and now there is a POSSIBILITY that the best man MAY not be able to hold his peace. There is another RUMOR that this bride may need some running shoes. Look for Luke to give Liz a word of caution; he wants her to be in it for the long haul. Like Luke Spencer should be giving anyone marriage advice.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Will Franco add blackmailer to his resume? Sonny wants to find out who his leak is. Johnny and Jax push Dante to the limit. Sonny and Olivia kiss and almost go too far. Rebecca sees Nikolas and Elizabeth doing the deed. Alexis singing karaoke. Just how many people know about Nikolas and Elizabeth? Does Jax give Dante what he needs to take Sonny down?

Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. Thank you to all my readers who checked in on me while I’ve been on my mini-hiatus. It looks like we should be back on a more “normal” posting schedule very soon!