General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


What a beautiful, sweet, lighthearted episode. Too bad we only get one once a year.

I loved that Robin and the Davis girls were in cahoots together to get Alexis and Mac together. Loved the Molly/Diane conversation and Molly paying her to keep her silence and Diane keeping the secret for free. I loved that Alexis and Mac figured out the plan rather quickly. I loved that Molly got the last seat, forcing Alexis and Mac to sit beside each other. I hated that the Lisa chick was in on the dinner. I know she came as Matt’s date, but I already loath the girl and don’t want her anywhere near my Scrubs.

Blooper of the day: Patrick mentions that it’s Emma’s first Thanksgiving, but it’s actually her second since she was born on Halloween last year.

I loved the CarJax scenes. I felt bad for Jax at first, that he would be alone with the baby while Carly and the boys went out, but I loved that Morgan not only managed to mess up one car, but both cars, with Micheal’s help. I loved that Morgan seems to really care about Jax and about their marriage.

At first I was a little squicked out by Kristina and Ethan, but it’s actually an interesting story and if it gets Kristina away from the abuser, that’s even better.

Loved all the Q/Spencer interaction, including Lulu and Ethan in their celebrating. I didn’t like that Rebecca didn’t tell them the truth that she and Nikolas have split. Makes me think she’s going to try to get back with him, when it’s clear that he’s not interested.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.