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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

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Phyllis: Big red turns to Paul for his services to save Daniel.

Nick/Phyllis: Big red takes Nick on a little trip to the Abbott cabin. She presents him with a plaque made in "Faith's" memory. Meanwhile Ashley invites the couple to hang with she and Faith. Even though she's not married to Victor, Ash still wants to have a relationship with his other children because of her girls. When Sharon gets wind of the plaque Phyllis had commissioned she is not happy.

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Chance: The Det. has a strange call from his attacker.

Adam/Sharon: When Jack stops by for a visit, he eyeballs Adam and Sharon kissing! Old Smilin' warns his ex about trusting Adam and, reminds her of all the black sheep Newman's misdeeds. Sharon ignores his advice and tells Jack to butt out. Jack lets Adam know if he hurts Sharon there's going to be hell to pay and leaves to head off to Nick's. When he attempts to inform Nick about what's going on with his ex, Phyllis intercedes and stops him from having Nick caught up in Sharon's love life.

Meanwhile, still in the moment Adam blurts out to Sharon his love for her. Sharon's stunned at his revelation and Adam back peddles after seeing reaction by saying he loves being around her. She doesn't buy his recovery, Sharon's shocked by his confession of love since they've just started to hang out and doesn't want to rush things. Later, Jack goes to the ranch and talks to Ashley about what's going on and she too tells him to keep out of Sharon's love life.

Michael: Gloria keeps hounding Kevin on about the goings on at Chancellor Industries.  Kevin is on the verge of blowing up at his mother and Jeff when Michael spins a lie to her. He tells Gloria Chancellor's about to acquire a tech company from Germany and once they obtain it the stock value will increase. Later Michael has a chat with Neil about Kevin's role in CI. Neil isn't too happy about Katherine's decision to have Mr. Fisher involved in taking the company public. Michael's only concern is keeping his mother out of the picture since her ideas and influence over his baby brother gets Kevin in serious problems.


Talk about an awkward moment! Nick comes upon his ex and baby brother in a sticky spot.

Emily: Paul spots the good doctor and Jack kissing and has a showdown with her afterwards. He reminds her it isn't ethical for her to be dating Jack, since he is the one his sister and her patient is fixated on. Emily feels guilty about her relationship, but at the same time she feels she can separate the two aspects of her life. After a session with Patty, Emily meets with Paul and informs him his baby sister is too far gone and will never recover from her psychotic break. Paul and Emily are upset about Patty's prognosis,and he lashes out in pain by accusing Emily of being unethical by seeing Jack.

Paul is in deep denial over his sister's condition and refuses to face facts. Later Emily talks with Jack about Patty and her run in with Paul and he comforts her.  Emily tries to downplay their relationship, but Jack is taken aback. Jack tells her he wants to explore their relationship but Emily wants to take things a bit slow. Deep down Emily knows being involved isn't right but at the same time she wants to see where their relationship can lead.