Jillian's B&B Spoilers

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Taylor: She bombs out again at internet dating. Taylor focuses more on her career where she meets a new patient. She is hell bent on helping the patient out. Later she has a startling bond.

Bill: Dollar Bill confesses to his wife the real reason why his necklace is missing. Later, he goes all out to make amends with Katie.

Steffy/Katie: Mrs. Spencer confronts the Forrester heiress for making moves on Bill. Steffy's surprised by Katie's attitude towards her kissing Bill. This leads her to do everything she can to have Forrester Creations back in the family.

Nick/Sandy: He finds out some information on Sandy's past. Nick vows to keep Sandy's secret mum to Bridget. The sailor's still curious on Ms. Sommers' past and grills her about it. Sandy blows, causing her to push back. Bridget becomes a bit wary of her surrogate prompting Sandy to try and soothe her concerns.