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One Life to Live Spoilers

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It's that time again, folks. I'm back with some One Life to Live spoilers. Be sure to catch The All American Rejects perform at Ultra Violet on Friday, December 4th and Monday, December 7th. Now get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of November 30th.

Fish feels the need to do something to stick it to the anti-gay supporters of the world. He considers quitting his job as a cop to do so, but Dorian changes his mind. Later on, Kyle and Fish ready themselves to brave Llanview as a couple. They both admit to being worried about getting their relationship right, but Kyle's words make the worries disappear. The couple goes to Ultra Violet to see The All American Rejects perform and tear the dance floor up. Will their great time turn into a great night?

Dorian: In a big ceremony, Dorian is sworn in as the new mayor of Llanview. Her first order of business is to follow through on her campaign promise to legalize same-sex marriage. As Dorian is about to sign the papers to make the law official, Pennsylvania Attorney General Gallagher interrupts her. He threatens to throw Dorian in jail if she signs the papers. Naturally, Dorian doesn't listen and signs the papers anyway. She is promptly thrown in jail next to Mitch Lawrence. Mitch has a few threatening words for Dorian. What will Dorian think of his threats?

Jessica reads Mitch's letter and is badly shaken from its content. Sometime after this, Rex finally tells Jessica they are siblings. They find they can agree on their hate for their father. Later on, Llanview gathers for Jared's funeral and Jessica reads the eulogy. In the middle of the eulogy, Mitch Lawrence rises out of Jared's coffin to everyone's horror. He reveals that all charges against him have been dropped. Before John and Bo throw Mitch back in jail, he also tells Rex what he has in store for him and taunts Charlie. Mitch lays into Charlie so badly that he falls off the wagon and takes a drink. Is Charlie off the wagon for good?


Schuyler/Stacy/Kim/Gigi: Kim manages to wiggle her way into Buchanan Enterprises by claiming Jared hired her before he died as Clint's executive assistant. Meanwhile, Schuyler decides it's time to reveal the truth about Rex not being Stacy's baby's father. However, at the last minute Schuyler chickens out after fantasizing about Gigi's reaction to the news. Later on, Schuyler, Gigi, Amelia, and Nick argue with three homophobic people at Rodi's. They stand up to them and Schuyler ends up taking a hard punch as things escalate. However, the violence doesn't end there. Shortly after the argument, Nick is found outside the bar badly beaten and bruised. Will Nick be okay?

Natalie/Roxy: Roxy decides to take a chance and visit Natalie. Natalie's defenses are up at first but Roxy eventually breaks them down. Natalie ends up crying on Roxy's shoulder. After Jared's funeral, Natalie visits his grave and is comforted by Viki. Will Natalie's grief for Jared take over her life?

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Todd/Tea/Danielle/Ross/Blair: Still in jail, Todd rips Tea a new one because she hid their child from him. Tea attempts to plead her reasons for hiding Danielle but Todd shuts her down. He also informs her that he will be a real father to Danielle. Of course, Tea cannot let Todd have the last word and is sure to tell him Blair has known the truth about Danielle's paternity for weeks. Things start to get really heated from here but the two stop their bickering when it is announced that Danielle is missing. Somehow, Danielle manages to runaway from Child Services and ends up in Matthew's hospital room. She ducks under the bed as Rachel and Greg enter the room but Destiny exposes her. As Danielle waits to be taken back to Child Services, Ross kidnaps her. Will Ross get away with Danielle forever?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (December 7th):

  • Blair gets in over her head
  • Natalie wants justice for Jared
  • Todd and Tea call a truce to find their daughter
  • Stacy goes back to her old ways
  • Charlie's grief gets the best of him