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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I don’t remember Nikolas telling Robin about the affair, so I was a little surprised when she admitted to Elizabeth that she knew. I was expecting it to be one of Liz’ weird dream sequences where Lucky comes in, guns blazing or throwing money again. Part of me was happy that Elizabeth has someone to confide in. Female friendships are rare on this show. However, the other part of me was annoyed by the whole thing. Robin seemed way too forgiving of an affair and betrayal of Lucky. Elizabeth spent too much time explaining away her behaviour. One does not accidentally start playing tonsil hockey with one’s brother in law. And stop saying you love Lucky, when it’s clear by your behaviour that you don’t.

As for Liz and Nikolas, I still don’t see passion, chemistry or desire between them. With Jason, Liz seemed almost desperate for him. With Nikolas, I see anger and annoyance more than lust. And on his side, he still seems a little bored by the whole thing, like it’s just about the conquest and what he can’t have.

Stupid line of the day:

Nik to Liz: “He deserves to hear the truth. From you.”

Yeah, because you’re too much of an asshat to tell him yourself. I’m glad she called him on that.

I hate Lisa and do not want her moving to Port Charles. Ironic that a position opened up that’s right up her alley (sort of like when Olivia moved to town) Plus, she came to town as a consult on a case, but now she’s operating on someone? Is that allowed?

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Interesting to see Maxie go to Lucky with her problem. It seemed as though they were being chemistry tested for a possible second Laxie go around. Not sure how I feel about that yet.

I hate that Jax is still all over Dante about busting Sonny and then being all, “don’t let my secret out” to both Dante and Olivia, like somehow, the fact that Sonny is a criminal, who likes to brag about his many crimes and may get busted for it, will somehow be all Jax’ fault.

I’m starting to hate Olivia and the fact that she just doesn’t see Sonny for the murdering thug that he is. He just “lost” his wife and she’s fine with flirting and kissing him. Whatever.