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Sweeney Hosts Feeding America Benefit

Days of our Lives star Alison Sweeney has high hopes for success for her work with Feeding America, the nation's leading non-profit, hunger relief charity. She became aware of the organization when she was hosting The Biggest Loser  and has been involved with them ever since. Sweeney opened her home and hosted the Hallmark Celebri-Tree Holiday Open House benefiting Feeding America and spent some time with talking about her experience and the Clothes of Our Back auction.

CSH-057009 you think the hunger-relief cause resonates more with the holidays upon us?

Sweeney: It does. It's funny when I talk about Feeding America, because people think about it during the holidays, but this is an issue we have to deal with year-round. But it's absolutely right that the issue is at the forefront even more during the holidays. People are more sensitive to it, and people have more time to participate and help. There are a lot more volunteers, and we want to encourage that. That's what I love about Feeding America. It's not just about the dollars, as important as money is. It allows people who can't donate a lot to make a big difference [by] volunteering at food banks or donating canned goods or whatever little you can donate. Every dollar makes a big difference.

You can track Sweeney's charity work on Twitter.

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